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Hey there!

First of all, we’d like to thank you for picking up SpyFy today. You’re going to love how it makes your research much faster and more efficient than ever before.

Now, we are very proud of SpyFy, and it absolutely stands on it’s own as the best social media research tool ever made. You DON’T need what we’re about to show you to make SpyFy work.

However, you should know that SpyFy does have a drawback.

SpyFy can do the research for you. . . but you still have to have audiences to sell products to, right? FB Fan Pages and Groups are perfect to sell to, because the members interact with you.

They have the time to get to know, like and trust you. And those three things bring in sales. . .

That’s why FB Pages & Groups are the perfect environment to sell physical and digital products in.

Many of you probably already have Fan Pages and Groups in your niches for this very reason. If this is the case, we don’t have to remind you effectively running a Fan Page or Group takes up a lot of time.

A WHOLE LOT of time . . .

So we decided to make your life as a Fan Page or Group Owner a whole lot easier. . .


SpyFy FB Inferno

The Thinking Person’s Complete
FB Marketing Toolkit

SpyFy FB Inferno makes managing all of your Fan Pages and Groups seem like child’s play.

Instead of needing to log in-and-out of multiple tools to manage your accounts, SpyFy FB Inferno frees you up to accomplish all your marketing activities from one platform.

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Fan Page

Fan Page Scheduler - Find great content ahead of time, and conveniently schedule it to free yourself up from being tied to your Fan Page . . .schedule your content out days, weeks, even months ahead to save hours per week in precious time

Group Share
from Scheduler

Group Share from Scheduler - SpyFy FB Inferno’s scheduler lets you also share posts with your list of Groups, straight from the Scheduler. No more needing multiple tools to manage your Fan Pages and Groups.


Group Poster - Facebook groups have a significant advantage over Fan Pages because all group members see your every post. Now, you can log in and post to all of your niche groups at the same time automatically. . . a perfect way to monetize your Group with the help of SpyFy

Fan Page

Fan Page Promoter - Auto comment and reply to other Fan Pages to get more “Likes” for your Page. Of course more “likes” brings more Fan engagement with your Pages. . . which brings organic traffic and allows you to pay less for advertising.

Fan Page

Fan Page Search - Find other Fan Pages in your niche with high traffic. See what they’re posting and selling to members - use the information for inspiration for you own Fan Pages

With all the time and effort you’ll save, you might even decide to fire your VA . . . or have them manage new tasks for you and lighten your load even further.

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