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Between Where You Are And Where You Want To Be In
Business OR Personal Life ...While Being 'Point-&-Click' Easy To Use:

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In the next few minutes, I’m going to show you the real, honest reason your business isn’t making the money it should...

why you’re struggling to finish projects and accomplish goals both businesswise and personally...

why you never seem to have enough time in the day...

why you’re constantly distracted by every shiny new offer... and still “hustling” with nothing real to show for it.

And a solution — a breakthrough productivity system and software rooted in science that can help you achieve almost anything you want in life…

...yes make more money, but more importantly accomplish things outside of business like losing weight, mastering a new skill, spending more time with family...

...even if it seems you’re too busy for lunch now... even if you’re hopeless at organizing yourself... and even if nothing else has been working for you.

With this breakthrough productivity and success software, there’s…

This is what every successful person on Earth knows that you don’t about productivity and success…

Forget motivational speeches... morning routines... performance drugs... shiny marketing tools and overpriced personal development programs that are only filled with little 'hacks' or dump a bunch of useless time management information...

This is a true system and software that will help ANYONE achieve their biggest goals…

  • It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a rough start in life and come from a broken, poor family
  • It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried and failed at everything you’ve ever wanted
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re juggling two jobs, trying to raise a family, and don’t have much time to work on your business or yourself
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re super productive for a couple hours a day, then suddenly burn out

and it’s not just based on productivity breakthroughs I’ve personally discovered, but with it you'll...

systematize and automate breakthrough ideas from the pioneers of success and time management like:

Tim Ferriss
Tony Robbins
Tony Swartz
Peter Drucker
Brian Tracy
David Allen

….and others.


I have spent the last 2 years studying, testing, and developing a breakthrough
program that combines a proven “mind reboot” system and powerful new app
that’s guaranteed to help you smash every single goal and finally achieve your
biggest dreams…

… no matter what type of person you are… no matter how bad it’s gotten… no
matter how many times you’ve tried and failed before.

First, we begin with…

Part 01. Fruitphul Reboot Camp

Success and ‘luck’ really starts inside your own head. I’ve discovered a complete system, based on scientific research and proven psychological studies to help you clearly outline what’s really important to you and achieve it far faster than you think with a totally new way of thinking and behaving.
It’s a total success rewiring “ReBoot” of your brain and biology. This isn’t a bunch of little ‘hacks’ or dump of information. And no weird mind tricks or brainwashing here.
And certainly not anything to do with the ‘law of attraction’. Trust me, I shelled out a lot of money, did some ‘visualization’, and waited for the universe to bring me what I wanted, but nothing ever happened of course.
You’re getting a proven system you can follow to think and act in the same way successful people do.
I’ll walk you through it, step by step, making sure you get results with 9 action packed modules and 54 HD videos, hands—on sessions that reveal things like…
  • The breakthrough Fruitphul strategy of accomplishing goals in 1/100 of the time it normally takes by microbreaking and leverage assigning.
  • How to identify what you really want in life, why most people set superficial goals that never make them happy, and how to avoid that. (Maybe starting a business isn’t really the thing that will make you happy)
  • Outsourcing, scaling, and hiring strategies to put your business (and personal life) on autopilot, even if you don’t think you have the budget to begin delegating tasks.
  • Systematic and scientific ways to ‘reprogram’ your mind and body so success happens automatically without tons of willpower and motivation.
  • Stop and reverse the things (both internal and external) that are sabatouging you from being more productive and being successful and happier.
  • 3X your energy in a few weeks - What you should eat and how to exercise to get tons of high quality energy and focus. We dive into way more than just ‘eat your fruits and vegetables’ advice
  • A quick tactical switch that makes the hardest tasks easy to complete no matter how tired you are, without relying on willower, and without stress
  • The right way to create a personal success ritual that produces drastic results long term, and why most ‘morning routines’ and high priced journals those productivity ‘gurus’ push don’t work.
  • The evolutionary reason you’re always getting distracted and can’t get momentum and a little—known way to automatically train your brain to tune out the noise, and focus on tasks like a kid watches cartoons
  • How to knock out major tasks fast by building momentum and getting into a true ‘flow state’.
  • Why ‘early to bed, early to rise’ may actually be sabatouging your productivity, and how to sync with your sleep ‘chronotype’ for more energy and focus.
  • A simple trick to silence your negative self talk and limiting beliefs, break bad habits that sabotage your success, and unleash unstoppable productivity, every day
  • A battle—tested system to automate and delegate like a boss… even if you’re strapped for cash… and finally free up tons of time and money (you won’t believe how easy this is)
  • The home office productivity hack — how to turn your home office into a goal smashing, dream making “engine room” — everything from your computer screen, to your desktop, to the colors used in your office… you’ll be amazed how much more productive you’ll be with these simple tweaks
  • How to set up a “virtual secretary” to handle bills, paperwork and other chores that slow you down and drain your creative energy
  • A step by step guide to outsourcing like a pro – freeing up hours of your day (including where to find the best talent at amazing rates, what to ask them, and how to avoid getting screwed by them)
  • How to find “hidden time” in your day that will allow you to implement everything you’ve seen inside this training and even have downtime for yourself (yes, this even works for flat out parents and people working 3 jobs)
  • And so much more.

I could go on, but you get the idea. This ReBoot Camp is a brand new, practical system turn you into a productivity machine… with more time, energy, and focus than you’ve ever known.

And it’s all broken down into 9 training sessions, with practical exercises, handouts, and transcripts…

Introduction (Breaking Myths and Preparing for a New Life)
Reaching Your Goals Faster by Leverage
How to Get More ‘Time’
Unleashing Your ‘Inner Productivity’
Your ‘External’ Productivity Game
Improving Energy and Health
Setting up Productivity Systems
Growth and Productivity Strategies for Business
How to Make It All “Stick” and Next Steps Forward

Complete with MP3 downloads

Listen to the program in your car, at the park, in the gym, or even when you’re doing the housework… just download the MP3s and play from your phone or MP3 player, wherever you are.

To recap, the “Fruitphul ReBoot Camp” program contains:

  • 9 training sessions, totaling 54 videos, including practical exercises
    for each session
  • Downloadable audio, PDFs, transcriptions, and resources for each
    video training session.
Alongside your Fruitphul ReBoot camp sessions, you’re also getting instant access to my breakthrough productivity software that will truly change the way you manage yourself and accomplish your goals, big and small. Introducing…

Part 02. Fruitphul Productivity App

This is what’s really going to help guarantee you have success. You’re not just getting a training, but an actual software to specifically implement and help automate the systems covered in the training.

The Fruitphul app is going to show you a list of easy to get started with ‘microtasks’ each day that don’t require much willpower to get started that are scored and colored coded based on the leverage they will bring.

All you have to do is follow the colors and do the ‘highest leverage’ micro-tasks during your most productive times to accomplish your goals far faster and even eliminate the need to do ‘lower leverage’ tasks altogether saving months of hard work.

If you can look at your computer screen or phone and log into the app once a day (or even once a week), you accomplish goals in business and personal life far faster.

Watch the Demo to Learn How It’s Going to Make Your More Productive:

Every single feature is carefully designed to help you finally reach your biggest goals, complete your daily tasks, free up time, and stay on track and based on the systems in the training.

A few things you’ll be able to do include:

Assign ‘Leverage Value’ Scores to Tasks or Parts of a Goal

Assign color-coded ‘leverage scores’ from 1-10 to commonly done tasks or parts of big goals you want to work toward.

This is going to help prioritize and track how much impact longterm a task will have toward achieving big goals where your time should be going to be more productive (and even elimnate the need to do lower leverage tasks altogether)

Build Strategic, Color Coded To-Do Lists of ‘MicroTasks’

Create and view lists of easy to get started with ‘microtasks’ each day that are colored coded and synced to a leverage value you choose or one of your previous ‘leverage value tasks’.

This helps you knock out major projects fast by avoiding procrastination and knowing what higher leverage activities to do first for the greatest impact with least amount of energy spent possible.

Schedule, Reorder, Set ‘Reminders’ and

Use the calendar to ‘assign’ yourself time to work on your high leverage tasks, reschedule microtasks that can’t immediatly be done to free up headspace and avoid cognitive dissonace, reorder or ‘roll over’ tasks that weren’t done, and more.

Easily Track Time Spent Doing Tasks

Easily record yourself doing each microtask or manually enter the time on the desktop or on your phone.

This will help you see how much time is really going to what tasks to help you make major productivity changes and save time longterm.

Analytics to See Where Your Time is Really

Then, view how much time was really spent on your specific ‘Leverage Value Tasks’ or how much time was spent on high or low value tasks in general.

If it turns out you didn’t really spend as much time as you thought on those higher leverage, more vital tasks that will accomplish your goals faster, you can quickly make changes and save weeks, maybe even years of time.

Fully Cloudbased & Mobile Friendly

Create microgoal lists, track activities, complete tasks, and more from your desktop at work or on the go.

You can go ‘all-in’ and track all your goals and all your tasks or just use it 5-10 minutes each week to put major dents in big goals and projects.

Are you ready to succeed faster, in everything you do?

Like I said, success isn’t about working hard. It’s about working smart.

What I’m giving you today is the single most powerful weapon I know for
creating success, by leveraging your time, your energy, and your resources
the smart way.

It’s about achieving more, in less time. It’s about guarding your time and your
energy like a hawk. It’s about letting go of daunting to—do lists. Letting go of
all those time management apps. Letting go of all the mental clutter that’s
stressing you out.

It’s the same system and technology that I used to go from barely surviving, to
making a million inside 12 months… and I guarantee… it’s going to be one of
the biggest turning points for you to finally break down barriers and achieve
your wildest dreams.

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Traffic Fresh

A premium training course designed from the ground up to take you by the hand and show you exactly how to drive hordes of targeted visitors to your opt-pages or sales pages fast. This works in any niche, and includes all the latest up-do-date strategies true traffic experts including myself use today to build our lists 100x faster than the competition. (And dont worry, this isnt some Google hackor shiny software toy that might work for a week then be ineffective.)


  • The exact steps I take to get experts to write fully unique and sharable content for me to use on my site, without them even having any idea who I am before I ask.
  • How to know exactly what type of video or blog post experts in your niche will share, and how to get them to share it with their big audiences even if you re a nobodyin your niche!
  • The quick and easy way to tap into trending topics, and get easy viral traffic to your opt-in forms How to quadruple the amount of traffic you get from one piece of content or video with three easy steps, even if you published it already months ago.
  • How I m getting $0.10 PPC Facebook &&Bing campaign clicks &&building my list in my sleep (hint: it s NOT what everyone else is telling you to do with PPC)
  • My secret formula to landing huge JV partners who will promote your products and send traffic to your opt-in pages, even if you have no relationshipwith them or never promoted their products either!
  • A fast strategy to leverage free Facebook groups for insane amount of traffic. 99% of people who try this end up doing it wrong!
  • A simple way to guarantee you get 1000+ visitors to the very first video or blog post you write, even if your site is brand new
  • The new strategy for guest blogging in 2017 that can bring floods of fast traffic like Buffer did to grow their business to 2 million quickly mainly through guest posts.
  • How to avoid the pay to playtrap of having to pay to get you content seen on social networks like Facebook now
  • How to quickly build safe, powerful whitehat links that keep your content rank in Google for years to come for hands free traffic that s hard to turn off.
  • How to get your links & posts to stand out from the sea of competitors on crowded social sites like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram
  • What analytics tools to use to make sure you re getting the most subscribers possible per time spent working and far more!
  • ..and comes in 13 detailed modules complete with videos, PDFs, checklists, and exercises to make sure you understand the material 100%

Reseller Rights to Anonymous Post Pro

Have other people write unique content and build your business FOR YOU!

This is a responsive HTML5 form to allow website users (guests/visitors/no logged in users) to submit standard WordPress posts easily & is a powerful tool for front end posting.

Now you can let visitors guest blog for your, and publish the content and articles that are high quality bringing in more traffic and sales on autopilot.

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In this brand new training (non PLR) we dive into how to create a guaranteed seller you can launch w/ in 48 hours or less. Instead of wasting months of time creating your first quality course or product, you'll learn how to do it in just a weekend! WOW

You'll learn ways to quickly leverage your existing knowledge and content you didn't know was possible to make great cash windfall products...

Leverage other peoples content in just a weekend to make a guaranteed seller that's high value quick...

and even how to create a product fast from scratch that's done in 48 hours and ready to launch, but without sacrificing quality

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Hummingbird zips through your site finding new ways to make it load faster, from file compression and minification to browser caching – because when it comes to pagespeed, every millisecond counts.

Not only is page speed used by search engines to determine your site rank, it also keeps people on your site longer.

Hummingbird is a performance and optimization analyst dedicated to giving your site SuperSpeed. Offer the same quality content at a fraction the load time – analyze, minify, compress, merge and cache.

Scan, Analyze and SpeedBoost Use Hummingbird’s recommendations to improve your site’s efficiency and speed. Hummingbird scans your site, locates files that are slowing your site and fixes them to help make your site run faster.

Minify Your Files Hummingbird uses super servers and minification engine to shrink, combine and store files on our global CDN. Did you know the more you load in the header, the slower your site loads? Customize load position to maximize speed.

Cache It Store a snapshot of specific content in your user’s browser so they don’t need to reload the entire page every time they visit. Improve user experience and lessen the load on your server.

Send Compressed Files Hummingbird has GZIP powers to make sharing your site more efficient. Sending zipped files is faster and can save you money on hosting. And don’t worry about setup, send Hummingbird instructions with the click of a button and she’ll handle the rest.

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Vidneos Whitelabel Rights

- Video Sales Authority 

Inside this course your going to learn how to write A+ video scripts from scratch that actually convert plus MORE like make quality green screen, explainer animation, and more style videos. Includes 12 in-depth video modules: - My 31 step video copywriting formula you can 'copy and paste' to make high converting VSL in any niche. - How to build emotional disruption in your video sales letter causing prospects to have to buy from you - What type of video format and medium actually converts best - The exact equipment to use to create quality green screen videos very cheap - The 'greener pastures' offer strategy for 3x conversions - A psychological trick to make it seem like you already have the answer to your prospects pain, even before you present your offer! ... and WAY more high-end video and copywriting. This may be the last time this course is ever offered as a bonus or sold at all.

Watch Video Marketer Todd Gross Talk About What's Inside:


Giveaway Rights to Awesome Productivity Guides:

Boost Your Productivity QuickStart Guide

We need to be more proficient in our work to accomplish more. In many cases, people fail to be productive because they lose focus and let their minds wander, leading to a loss in productivity.

This quick guide will reveal you basic ingredients of productivity and tehniques how to better manage your time.

This product contains all the features for building your list:

  • List Building Report
  • 'Mobile Responsive' Minisite
  • Confirmation + Thank You Page
  • 3 x Email Swipes
  • Professional Graphics Pack
  • 10 x Additional Opt-in Page Headlines
  • 5 x Twitter Tweets
  • 5 x Facebook Posts
  • 5 x Forums Signatures
  • 5 x Email Signatures

- Limitless Energy 

Discover How To Finally Work More Productively, Have More Energy And Feel Refreshed! Find Out Why You Don't Have As Much Energy As You Did Before, And How You Can Change That!

Everyone is always talking about time management. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for many of us and so the belief goes that if we could squeeze a little more productivity out of our time, we’d be able to accomplish our dreams, earn more money, stay more organized and enjoy more time off.

It all sounds great, except for one thing: the entire endeavor is completely misguided. Sounds harsh but in fact it’s also completely true. Your problem is not with time. You have plenty of time.

Think about it: imagine if you could jump out of bed feeling energetic first thing in the morning. What would you do with that extra hour of productivity? Hit the gym maybe? Make some calls? Do last night’s washing up so that you could live in a house that wouldn’t always be untidy?

Remember when you were a little kid and you could just run around all day without ever seeming to get tired? Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could get that back? That’s what we’ll be looking at in this book…

- Surefire Productivity Launchpad

Discover How to Build Productive Habits and Use Time Management Tools to Easily Keep Track of Your Schedule and Get Things Done Today!

Whether you're trying to be more productive in your personal life, which actually creates a domino effect into your career and into your business, if you run one, then being able to be proactive and be productive in these areas are going to help you across the board.

Productivity is that very important. And with the help of some amazing tools you will be guided and prompted on what and which tasks you will work on.

OTO Bonuses: Get Any OTO Offer and Get These Powerful Bonuses, Too

Unlimited Whitelabel Rights to Custom Testimonials Software

Custom Testimonial Pro plugin allows you to create testimonials for your salespage or blog without losing any sweat and writing single code. Simply, you can generate shortcode either through testimonial shortcode generator page in plugin, pages, post along with widget. You can simply design your own custom layout with any of the predefined template layout from the plugin. With multi configurable shortcode attributes, you can build custom and strong testimonial simply like never before.

 Unlimited Whitelabel Rights to SpyStream 

 - Access and Giveaway Rights to Leverage Authority 

How to get super affiliates to promote your products and offers... even if you're brand new and have NO relationship with them!

 Agency Rights to Bulletproof Security 

Secure WordPress Website Security Protection: Firewall Security, Login Security, Database Security & Backup... View Security feature highlights below. View BulletProof Security feature details for specific details about security features. Secure your WordPress website even further by adding additional BulletProof Security Bonus Custom Code (See the BulletProof Security Bonus Custom Code help section). Effective, Reliable & Easy to use WordPress Security Plugin. BulletProof Security Feature Highlights  

  • One-Click Setup Wizard
  • .htaccess Website Security Protection (Firewalls)
  • Hidden Plugin Folders|Files Cron (HPF)
  • Login Security & &onitoring
  • Idle Session Logout (ISL)
  • Auth Cookie Expiration (ACE)
  • DB Backup: Full|Partial DB Backups |
  • Manual|Scheduled DB Backups | Email Zip Backups |
  • Cron Delete Old Backups
  • DB Backup Logging
  • DB Table Prefix Changer
  • Security Logging
  • HTTP Error Logging
  • FrontEnd|BackEnd Maintenance Mode
  • UI Theme Skin Changer (3 Theme Skins)
  • Extensive System Info

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Brand New, Sizzling Hot WP Plugin Enables You To Add Conversion-Increasing Live Chats That Will Send Your Profits Through The Roof!

If you are an online business owner, your first priority may be making your business more profitable and meet the ROI of your marketing investments.

The thing is that, a huge amount of traffic gone wasted without converting them into leads or customers.

The good news is that, according to the various test and A/B testing that having a LIVE CHAT feature in your online store website or services converts higher compared to those websites that don't have.



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  • 60 Day Guarantee



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