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While the e-Commerce module inside SpyFy is powerful on its own, with over 28k Shopify stores in its database, plus Amazon and Ebay search capabilities, we wanted to give you the chance to get an inside edge to finding the perfect offers for your niche customers.

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With even more e-Commerce options to search from inside the Platinum Version, combined with the ability to hyper target eager markets inside SpyFy’s FB Ad Module, you’ll have so many ways to monetize your Fan Pages and Groups, you won’t believe your eyes.

The Easy Way to Monetize Your Fan Pages and Groups

Let’s face it, coming up with new ideas to monetize Fan Pages and Groups takes a lot of research time...time you likely don’t have.

So what if you skip the hard work, yet, still have the ability to hone in on the hottest products your niche has PROVEN they already crave?

Well, this is what you’re about to discover inside SpyFy Platinum. You’ll get more options than ever to research what your Fans want, and deliver it up on a silver platter for juicy paydays.

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You’re not getting access to just one new e-Commerce option with SpyFy, you’re getting instant access to 4 new monetization options. . . from some of the most exciting e-Comm vendors on the planet:




Wanelo (“Want/Need/Love”)


in many foreign markets, such as Russia, parts of Europe, Asia and Australia, AliExpress, NOT Amazon, is the big player in e-Commerce circles. Gain access to untapped, underserved foreign markets. These markets are low-hanging fruit for savvy marketers, ready to exploit and profit from.

Etsy is the world’s premier showcase for one-of-a-kind art, jewellry and craft items, many of which are handmade by their vendors. . . and often vastly underpriced in the marketplace.

Find the unique items your crowd wants most in the Etsymodule. . . then simply strike a deal with the vendor. Your customer pays you. . . you pay the Etsy vendor. . . and they’ll do all the shipping and tracking.

If you want to get into e-Commerce without the hassles of shipping items, you’d be a smart marketer to get the Etsy module working for you immediately.

Wanelo is a gold mine for physical product marketers because it reveals in real time the products most sought after by niche buyers. Spend a few minutes power-browsing Wanelo with SpyFy Platinum, and you’ll be absolutely gobsmacked with the hot trending products it uncovers for you.

Now, go back through the AliExpress, Etsy, Amazon or Ebay modules of SpyFy and source the same products to offer your customers- it’s like pressing the ULTIMATE e-commerce easy button for fresh product ideas.

PolyVore is a fashion junkie’s dream site. Users of this social site vote up their favorite outfits, beauty products and accessories, making it an ideal place to search for the hottest fashion trends around.

And to make this offer even juicier. . .we’re offering two incredible bonuses to make your PPC conversions go through the roof!

Bonus #1
Fanpage Method

Revitalizing and monetizing your Fan Pages has NEVER been easier than with this method. Why put all your eggs into a single basket when you can create MULTIPLE STREAMS of INCOME (T-shirts, Adsense, Affiliate Commissions, CPA offers and MORE) from simple-to-set-up Fanpages?

You’ll discover how to earn weekly checks by combining Facebook with multiple cash-generating channels. . . and you only need a tiny $5 day budget to get started!

End result? A massive, RELIABLE traffic + income source . . . plus the lowdown on the skills you need to jump into more money-making niches in seconds.

Bonus Value: $97

Bonus #2

Infiltrate your competition’s top performing and most profitable PPC ads campaigns across 3 of the biggest search engines: Google,Bing& Yahoo.

It’s almost as if you have a secret spy camera inside your competition’s ad dashboard - serving up their most profitable PPC campaigns to you on a silver platter. Check out their ad copy and make it your own with a few simple tweaks...view their ad images so you can emulate them.

This bonus has the potential to add thousands to your bottom line.

Bonus Value: $97

Bonus #3

Now, while the added e-Commerce options are a HUGE reason in itself to upgrade to the Platinum edition of SpyFy, they aren’t the ONLY reason you should. Because right now, we are also throwing in a Commercial License for SpyFy with your upgrade of the Platinum edition today. This is a MASSIVE benefit to you, because not only can you use SpyFy on your own sites, but you can also use it on your clients’ sites and charge an hefty fee for doing so. Just a single client project with SpyFy Platinum could more than pay for itself.

Bonus Value: $150

Total Value of Bonuses:

These valuable bonuses will give you a huge leg up on your competition
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And the Platinum upgrade for SpyFy means you’ll have access to even more ways to monetize your Facebook Pages and offer your Fans and members unique physical products they haven’t seen offered by anyone else.

Which means you have a unique opportunity to monetize your Fan Pages and groups before you, plus gain pure profits from the Commercial License and PPC Module + the newly added $33,356/Month fanpage Method.

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