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What's Spazeship All About?

We all need leads. Getting traffic to your site is all good and well, but if you're not converting that traffic into subscribers, you're not really building your business.

But old lead capture methods no longer work.

That's why quizzes are gaining so much popularity these days.

With the help of Quizzes, many marketers are able to general MASSIVE viral traffic and acquire huge numbers of leads.

If you already have traffic on your site, you could be capturing 5-50% of your traffic into leads. That can potentially explore your list size and your business growth.

And if you don't have traffic yet, then generating paid traffic and sending it to a quiz instead of a squeeze page can really multiply your results.


Well, noone wants to optin to get an ebook or a checklist anymore. It just doesn't work in 2017.

However, if someone sees "Quiz: What Workout Type Is Right For Your Lifestyle?", they will be VERY interested.

And they will complete the quiz. Then, to get the results, they will need to enter their email - and boom, you've just acquired a new subscriber 🙂

Also, everyone LOVES quizzes so much that people SHARE them on Social Media all the time (I am sure you've seen people share all types of quizzes).

That means you will get Viral Traffic from people completing your quiz, too.

That's exactly how Spazeship can help you - it's the world's leading Quiz Software. And right now, it's available at a crazy discount, as part of Spazeship Launch Special.

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This software will allow you to create all types of images for banners and ads of all types. Normally it takes a long time to get the perfect image for your banner or your ad. With this software you can quickly create and set up an attractive banner or ad image without having to use Photoshop or any graphic editing skills

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If you're interested in Spazeship, you probably have a website or blog.

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This software will auto-generate relevant eBay listings and you will get paid commissions for all referred sales.

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